Sunday, February 25, 2007

Prisoners Released!!

Dr. Al Sehlawi and Mr. Al Habshi are released. Mahmood's Den has a nice article (with a picture too!) about it on his blog (click on his name to read it). I wish to congratulate these two men for standing their ground and their families for their release. I also want to thank all those who continued the pressure and their support. And of course all the bloggers that continued to write about them.

There are some who seemed shocked and rattled that I would write about Dr. Moh'd Al Sahlawi and Mr. Hussain AL Habshi's arrest. Some surprised that I would care! Why??? Because I don't share their politics or views. Because it seems in many way we are polar opposites. I explained that it doesn't matter if Al Sahlawi and Al Habshi are leftists, rightists, religious zealots, communists, liberal, etc. What matters is that they were punished for exercising their rights.

I support every Bahraini, regardless of their politics, affiliation, and faith, in exercising their rights, whatever those may be. I may not agree with what you say or how you act, but if its within your rights, I respect and will defend your right to say and act how you wish. Let us wake up people! I wish we give as much as we demand. We want to be free to express and act how we want, yet do we wish that these rights extend to all Bahrainis, even the ones we disagree with? I wish more of us would be more indignant when one of us-a fellow Bahraini- gets arrested or even worse for exercising his/her rights.


SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Very well said! This is what morons don't understand: how can you support someone you differ with politically and ideologically, they would ask!!!

Gardens of Sand said...

SBG, I love how you say things! You definately have a way with words. Seriously though, I think lack of others' opinions and beliefs is something lacking in the Arab and Muslim world. One day somebody says something and bang! he/she is the new hero. Then they express an opinion contrary to yours and now he/she is a dog, not worthy of respect and the poor thing is subjected to name calling and well, you know how the story goes!

SoulSearch said...

GOS, first of all, I would like to thank you for standing up for justice despite the difference in opinions. We need more people like you who know what's happening and are not reluctant to write about it!
Love your posts sweetie, keep blogging as I am always waiting for more posts!!!

Gardens of Sand said...

SS, kudos to you too cousin! I'm shy :$!!!! Thanks for the compliment, I will try to keep posting although I do get lazy! lol

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Yalla.. If you really want some Falafel.. you'll have to post something new :)

Gardens of Sand said...

SBG, your wish is my command!