Friday, February 02, 2007

The Dream that was a Nightmare

Once upon a time, a long time ago, there was a tiny kingdom that was known as the jewel of the seas. Though plain, this island was magical and bewitched all its inhabitants. The citizens loved this kingdom deeply and thought it the greatest place on earth. Life wasn’t easy for the people faced many hardships. But all considered themselves fortunate to be part of this great kingdom. As the years went by hope blossomed in the hearts of the citizens that this great kingdom of theirs will afford them basic provisions. Now these people weren’t greedy nor were they lazy, for these provisions were part of human nature.

Well, what were those provisions you ask? It is quite simple really; these folks wanted a better life for all. This hope grew into a dream and soon many of the wonderful citizens believed that this dream will come true. They worked together to accomplish their goal. Day and night they toiled. And just when the dream started to materialize, a storm descended on this magical island. The good people were scattered about, some buried in caves that bound them. Other were carried by the mighty winds and placed in lands unknown. The storm was so ferocious that some were robbed of their voices and went about their lives silenced and torn. Many years passed with the people sad and worn.

However, the people of the magical island did not lose sight of their goal. Hope grew inside them ready to burst until they were compelled to act upon it. Just when the dream began to bear fruit, suddenly another storm rolled, threatening to sweep all their hard work. The wind gusts were powerful and caused significant damage but the people remained strong.

During the storm, a thought was planted in some minds: what if this hope that grew into a dream….what if it was a nightmare all along?

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