Sunday, March 11, 2007

Bobbi Brown Rocks!

Hahahhaa got you there! No, I am not talking about Witney Houston's crazy maniac soon to be ex-husband. I am talking about the cosmetics line.

For those of you wondering what I am blabbering about, this post is an update to the search for the perfect red. So I did find two new shades of red, one definately works, the other I have to think about some more.

The one that works is Bobbi Brown lip gloss 'ruby', the one that may work is Bobbi Brown lipstick 'scarlet'. The weird thing is that the scarlet looks brown, I guess it has too much brown undertones.

Maybe I just got to get used to seeing my face with red. I am determined to! I somehow look wrong, like I am playing a weird joke on myself??!

Of course, I did not just stop at buying cosmetics. There's the awesome sale at Bath and Body Works, cute outfits at Banana Republic, etc and pretty soon I am barely able to walk back to my car without my arms falling off in the parking lot!!

Ok, gotta work on this shopping and sale addiction, but that's a whole other post!

1 comment:

SoulSearch said...

Hahaha, I feel the same way when I wear red lipstick, I feel wrong somehow.