Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Search for the Perfect Red

I can't begin to tell you the amount of research I did in search of the perfect red. No, I am not talking about the red states or anything serious for that matter. I am looking for the perfect shade of red lipstick. I am desparate so I will settle for the perfect red gloss. I always loved red lipstick (when worn well) but always assumed that I couldn't get away with wearing it. I thought my color, shade, undertone, lipshape, just about everything was wrong for red. I swear a girl just can't get a break sometimes!
I don't know when I began to think different or why, but suddenly I have an overwhelming urge to wear red. I am liberated!! I can and god willing will someday soon sport awesomely red lips. I just have to figure out how!

I read articles, studied pics, looked at celebrities with my color and undertone to see what shades of red they wear, went to numerous shops, even bought 2 red lipsticks and 2 lip glosses, but still no success. :-( May be I am not used to seeing myself with red lips but so far everything looks BAD. One shade was so ugly that my sister upon seeing my picture declared it a horrendous look on me. Objectively looking at the picture, I realized I looked like a vampire whose mouth is dripping blood! UGH!! :-S Thanks to photoshop and the edit tools, I know look quite chic in a black and white pic.
But I will not give up! And yes, I know that I can be and am in this case a huge metfa'3ah. It is a stupid thing to be obesessed with. It just would be so lovely to own the perfect red. I know it will. Every girl should own a red lipstick. Girls just make sure you don't end up looking like you belong to the Adam's family. :-p

Ok, now that I pschyed myself with this post and restored my belief in red, I will resume my quest for the perfect anyone?


Bahrania said...

Funny you mention the issue of red lipstick. I got into red recently but I like it to look as natural as possible in the sense that it's not too bright and contrived. I mix two shades...put a lipstick thats more pink and then a layer of red on top. It reflects the red when i wear it but it is toned down.

echo said...

Even though red is a primary color, there are two basic reds in lipsticks: red/blue and red/orange. Few women can wear both. Red/orange makes my skin look green.

Another point. Some believe that women should be "of a certain age" to have the privilege of wearing red lipstick. I tried it for the first time -- in public, I mean -- when I was in my late 20s, living and going to university in London. I arranged to meet an older lady friend for dinner in Picadilly, and I chose to wear a pure red lipstick. When she saw me, she said, "My, my. Don't we look like a tart tonight!"

Gardens of Sand said...

Bahrania: I tried mixing shades too but never pink and red. I've been trying brown and red (to reduce the instensity of the red and mute it). So far it hasn't worked! lol I will try your tip.

Echo: I know I shouldn't laugh but I kinda did! A tart?? Maybe she meant the edible kind, with cherries on top! lol :D

Thanks for the tips gals, I will definately try them.

SoulSearch said...

hahaha, that was a hilarious post. We need something like this once in a while to get our minds off corrupt systems, and mindgames. Red is definitely a difficult shade to find, how about going to the corner shop we used to go to? remember elhindia? miss those days.


Gardens of Sand said...

Hehehe I remember the hindiya although I am sad to say and somewhat ashamed that I don't know her name! :-( Hey but I know all about her family, the kid in Boston with the too expensive lifestyle, the professor brother in Georgia and the neice with the house in North Carolina!!! hhehee I miss her!

iMachines said...
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