Thursday, July 19, 2007

Back Home

Yup, I am in Bahrain!!! I hope to blog more often now that I am home without work or any responsibilities. It is funny how much changes from one year to the next and how little other things change:

1- I noticed for the first time what my friend has been saying about Bahrain's sky; it isn't blue, more of a gray hue. What is up with that? All the pollution I guess. It is always hazy, not the low fog, but the haze that always surrounds LA from all the pollution.

2- Crazy driving. OMG, people can be insane...has anyone heard of signals and signalling before turning. Besides what's with the overtaking, do we have to go 120km/hr at all times.

3- No talking on the phone while driving except with a headset. That is one law I applaud. Good for whoever came up with it. Pat yourself on the back. Of course I wish someone reminded me of it. There I was cruising Bahrain talking on my phone for a full hour blabbering about everything and nothing, ok gossiping, when my friend casually mentions that I am using a headset right? WRONG...

4- Where did all the roundabouts go? So many are history! I kinda miss them, but not the usual mess that goes around with them.

5- All the kids are grown, and their attitude, well I don't want to get into that. All I can say is, what happened???

6- I am back to running errands. Same ol' same ol'.

There is more, alot more but I gotta go run an errand.

Talk to y'all later.


LuLu said...

Welcome back =)

Yes all your observations are correct!!

For some reason, though, I find myself blogging less when I'm in Bahrain.. I think it's the hot weather and shortage of oxygen to the brain :|

Gardens of Sand said...

Thanks Lulu, it's good to be back! You must be right about the shortage of oxygen and the heat. It is so hard to blog.

SoulSearch said...

Welcome home sweetie. I'll see ya soon. Take care

Um Naief said...

hi! you know, this haze in the sky is pollution. most days all i see is yellow. it's sorta depressing, i think. and yeah, it's just like LA! i hope that, at some point, that they start to do something about it... but as long as you have these factories putting all this stuff into the sky, it'll never disappear.

i so enjoyed meeting up w/ you yesterday! you're so interesting and i think i could sit and talk to you for ages and not get tired of the conversation!

don't know when you're going back to the States, but if you have time and would like to get together for coffee or some such, just let me know. if not, have a safe trip back...

looking forward to reading about the semesters ahead and your life in the States. :)

Ammar456 said...

do you live in L.A.?

Gardens of Sand said...

SS Thanks so much, it was gr8 seeing you, hopefully we can meet up sometime before I leave.

Um Naeif: tomorrow's the day we meet again! Ok now this sounded so nerdy!!

Ammar: Nops I live far far away. Do you live in LA? Believe it or not, I haven't met any Bahrainis in all my time in the US (well, thats not entirely true, I met some in the embassy). I used to be in Charlotte, NC and in a few weeks I will be in Fairfax, VA (outside DC) to start school.