Tuesday, July 24, 2007

To Blog or Not to Blog?

To blog or not to blog is a question plaguing my mind. For some reason blogging has become so difficult, almost tedious. It is such a chore. I love to chat and speak my mind, so it is not as if I have nothing to say. Also, I have absolutely nothing useful to do in Bahrain: I am between jobs, schools, etc... so it is not like I don't have the time. So why am I so unenthused? I guess I have the blogging blues. SIGH. I want to blog more often, I just don't feel like it. Anyone ever go thru this? I hope it passes... :-(


Ammar456 said...

maybe youre just discussing or blogging issues which you don't really excite you anymore. Try to shift to something else; ie, if someones routine was always politics and they were getting sick of it, posting a bunch of non-serious issues always breaks the monotoness of it. Try blogging about something different, see how it goes

Mahmood Al-Yousif said...

It passes, believe me it does.

The wrong thing to do is to force yourself to do something, because that will put you off it. It's not a profession but just fun. The world will not stop if you stop blogging and it does not depend on your blog to continue into its orbit! You (or at least I) do it because it is fun.

Sure you have a responsibility to your readers, but they are forgiving if you just feel you don't want to (not can't) do it any more.

My suggestion - if I may - is to relax about it and don't guilt yourself into writing. What you could do to get your juices to flow again is read the others blogs, get the pulse and start commenting on their blogs. Another thing is find something that YOU are interested in, not what you necessarily think your readers might be interested in, and write about it - even a couple of paragraphs will do.

When I get into the "blocked" mode, I chill, do something I like, then just jot down a couple of links I found interesting and write about them. That normally starts me up again.

Good luck!

Um Naief said...

i'm having that right now as well. i thought maybe my fly post would get me outta the rutt, but it hasn't.

i agree w/ mahmood, i think it'll pass.

i think doing some things outside of blogging is a good idea. more social things... so... i'm open for the rest of this wk (ok, it's just one day), this wkend and all next wk. let's have coffee, lunch or whatever :)

Gardens of Sand said...

Ammar456: I blog about random things. Many of the things I want to blog about never make it to my blog. Usually, whatever it is consumes me so much that by that time I get around to blogging, I don't ever want to think of it again! But yeah, maybe I should blog about non-serious issues.

Mahmood: I do hope it passes and I am trying to get over the guilt. I feel like I am letting myself down! I love reading the Bahraini Blogs. It is how I keep up with Bahrain. It used to be fun. I want it to be fun again! Thanks for the advice, will definately take it.

Um Naeif: thanks for stopping by dear, will email you my info. Let us definately meet sometime next week. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, your call!