Monday, March 12, 2007

Interesting Tidbits

Interesting tidbits, I wonder if some are true....let me know if you know they aren't:

* Paper money is not made out of paper but cotton.
* 40 % of McDonald's profits come from the Happy Meal (what are you feeding your kids folks???lol)
* The electric chair was invented by a dentist.
* Ketchup was used as medicine in the 18th century.
* English speaking Chinese exceed the United States population.
* Your eye is the same size now as its size at birth. Unlike the nose and ears, eyes do not grow in size.
* Chewing gum while handling onions will stop the tears. (I hope, definately will try this one, wearing contacts does too).
* The world's chicken population exceed's the world's human population.
* The elephant is the only animal that can't jump.
* The cat has 32 muscle in each ear.
* You can't kill yourself/end your life by holding your breath.
* All laser printers were invented by women (you go girls!).
* Honey is the only kind of food that never goes bad.
* A person cannot lick their elbows (I wonder who tried??)
* Alligators/crocodiles cannot stick their tongue outside their mouth.
* A pig cannot look up to the sky.
* Sneeze hard enough and you can break a rib. Hold a powerful sneeze and you can burst a blood vessel in your head or neck, this will result in death. Sneeze with your eye open and they will explode (now is this true??). Many things to be thankful for after a sneeze! :->
* A duck's quack has no echo. The reason is unknown.
* Coca Cola was originally green.
* Men can read smaller fonts but women have better hearing.
* Smart persons have higher level of copper and iron in their blood (now I know what to do with all those pennies!).

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SoulSearch said...

I would agree with the "fact" that the electric chair was a dentist's idea. They scare the living colors out of me, with their zin zin in our mouths, ouch!!!