Monday, December 03, 2007

Here We Go Again!

Uff! So I change my layout and template and there goes my links! I was tired of the black layout. It was starting to depress me. I needed something light and airy, easy to look it and something not half bad. Well, my choices are limited but I like this harbor template. Problem is, same as before, as soon as I changed my template, my links disappeared. Last time Silly Bahraini Girl came to my rescue with a timely and blog saving email. It included instructions that even a techie dodo could figure out, a cut and paste job really.. Thanks SBG.

So growing more confident and tired of the ugly black, I decided to change my template. No worries coz I already had SBG's instructions, plus I saved a copy of my old template. In some ways, limited as they may be, I consider myself tech savvy. Well, I had to eat a huge portion of humble pie; no matter what I do, what I include or omit, I can't for the life of me add links to my page. This makes me feel, well, like a idiot!

So for the next two week until I am done with my finals, my blog will remain frill-less, link-less and well just less! I am sure I can find someone or the other who can fix this in like 30 seconds or so.


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