Monday, December 17, 2007

Glass Half Empty or Half Full?

Fresh snow on the ground:
half full- it's eeringly beautiful outside, looks like a postcard.
half empty- drive to work took 2 hrs instead of 30 mins.

Much needed rain in an area with drought:
half full- great! The reservoirs will fill up and the plants will quench their thirst.
half empty- the water will fall as freezing rain and the roads will be slippery wet.

It is Autumn:
half full- the fall leaves and color change are spectacular.
half empty- with all the leaves off the branches, the trees look like skeletons, scary at night, snow freezes into ice and well you guessed it, slippery roads.

Huge sales for the Christmas season:
half full- great prices on really good stuff.
half empty: the stores are a mob and it's horrible going anywhere.

Eid is round the corner:
half full- even though I am far from my, I have my sister and nephew to celebrate with.
half empty- being far away from home on Eid sucks big time. What sucks even more is having to work.

Finals are over:
half full: first semester down, I am beginning to feel like I can do it and now I have a full month to myself. I can't believe I made it through math econ alive.
half empty: I did not get the grades I want and somehow I feel as if I am slacking. Quick give me something to do!

Great professors:
half full- the label summed it up, who knew learning can be immensely enjoyable?
half empty- my instructors asked me what and where Bahrain is, then proceeded to sarcastically tell me that it must be a great place to live followed by his surprise that Bahraini women are allowed to drive?!!! Even the educated are ignorant!

Hosting a It's a Girl! baby shower for the parents to be:
half full: making my own, stunning (if I may say so) diaper cake and going wild with the theme.
half empty: nearly going crazy in the process, having a couple fight over with whether the man actually changed diapers and an invitee bring her step-mum's much older friend who in the karoake game requested 6ala3a el badro 3alaina followed by some anasheed deeneya :S


LuLu said...

Hi Gardens.. coming back from a long seclusion, I definitely enjoyed reading your perspective on many little (and big) things in life! Hope the overall glass is half full tho =) said...

so why is it that bahrain never gets cold enough for snow? i mean, come on... just once in a while? that would really make us happy.

Gardens of Sand said...

Lulu, it is great having you back. In no time you are already blogging some worthwile threads.

Ammaro, this is my first experience with snow. I was late for work because I spend 10 mins in -5 weather trying to scrape frozen ice from the car's windshield. It dint help that I forgot my gloves. And it din't even snow!! It gets old pretty fast I have to say! I am tired of being cold.

SoulSearch said...

GOS, sometimes you need to see that the glass is half empty to appreciate the half-fullness of other situations. I, on the other hand, have always been an optimist, when at times, I shouldn't have been.
Half empty glasses can help you understand situations better sometimes, and not show you the world thru rose-colored lenses.
Love you and ,miss you loads,