Monday, December 03, 2007

Finals are Here!

In a week or so I have my finals, next Tuesday I have my micro exam. Next Thursday I have math econ. The thought of the math exam sends me in full-fledged panic mode.

Then for a whole month I am free of school. YAY More time to blog, shop, exercise (yah right!) watch movies and do nothing! One whole month free from study groups, staying up late doing hw, reading 700 pages a week and night classes. I can't wait.

There are things I want to write about: sexual abuse for one. A real from the heart post rather than reciting stats. Although the stats are necessary for they do drive the issue home. I also want to write about my classes and professors. Last, I want to write about capital punishment and decriminalizing drugs. Yes I know that my topics are all over the place but they are the things that I have been thinking about lately.

As always, sorry about the typos. I really need to get back to studying and don't have the time nor the inclination (terrible I know) to proof read my thread.

Wish me luck!

3 comments: said...

hey, good luck on the exams. you cant wait to leave college, i bet.

once you start working, youll wish you coudl go back :p

Gardens of Sand said...

I must sound young stressing about school! lol I worked for a while as an auditor in Bahrain. Disliked it immensely which was why I went back to grad school.

I am trying to juggle work and school. So far it has been difficult but I am surviving.

Thanks for the wishes, I need all the luck I can get!

SoulSearch said...

Best of Luck on your exams sweetie, our thoughts are with you. Just spoke to your mom, and said she'll be coming over soon.
I love the new template on your blog, its much nicer than the black!!
Love you loads,