Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Four Hours

Four hours, that is all I have. Aaaah sweet four hours to do whatever I want. So, I choose to blog. Not for all the four hours mind you, time is a precious commodity, but I can blog for ten minutes.

Life has been hectic. School (I really should get used to saying college) is a B. Classes are so hard. What made me think that I would pick math up again after TEN whole years of not dealing with it?! It doesn't help that class is assigned 5 chapters at a time with a zillion problems or that my professor is crazy.....Seriously, I am struggling..... *sigh*

One class is sooooo interesting; I am learning a lot, the other is a mess!!! I love economics, its so interesting! Yet many times I feel overwhelmed and wonder at what I got myself into.

Also I just found out that there is a Bahraini economics professor at my college. How neat is that??

Started a new job, will quit it soon! No, I am not a quitter but I was hired on a contractor to permanent basis to prove my stuff, so to speak. Well, it hasn't been working out at all. I received no training at all. Can you believe, none! Senior accountant, overseeing several functions and no training at all. I had 1.5 days with my predecessor who was rude and treated me like a burden. Now I am expected to do all my work, plus cover for my coworker, meet all deadlines without even being told where to find the information I need, what are the accounts, processes, etc. What a nightmare. Example: I am preparing the accruals and the reconciliations for a zillion accounts. The deadline was last week! No one cared to tell me where I am supposed to get my info from or if the company is conservative in terms of the accruals. I have this one beast of an account that I spent 4 days tracking all the amounts flowing in it. You see, as I find out today, there is a mater list that I wasn't told about! How frustrating! I've been putting unpaid overtime hours trying to figure out the simplest things because no one has the time to train me.

The controller (married lady) told me all about her life "I a Guyanese, not Indian, although I am of Indian ethnicity!" you are beautiful, I believe in calling it as I sees it!!! She even plays with my hair when she comes in my cube (???) Tells me I have to meet deadlines yet acknowledges that I am having problems meeting them because she isn't training me. Yet the deadlines must be met! People who should provide the documents I need refuse to help and expect me to log thru files and cabinets finding the one piece of paper I need. *SIGH*

The silver lining in my dark cloud: I got offered a financial analyst position with a co I interviewed with before starting my job. I can wait to get out.

Social life, at the moment mine is nonexistent. I wait for the weekend only to enjoy staying home and finishing up all the cooking, cleaning and studying! I have yet to explore Washington DC and I have been there for a couple of months.

Ok, so the ten minutes are up! Gotta go....I will try to post more often, so many things to write little time.

PS: excuse all the typos and what-nots, I am too tired to proofread! Apologies in advance!


bint battuta said...

Don't worry about the typos - it's just lovely to hear your news... Ten minutes well spent!

Gardens of Sand said...

BB, thanks for stopping by and for your kind words! I really should proof-read OR not read my posts again! I cringe when I see the mistakes but lack the energy to do anything about it.

Um Naief said...

my gawwwd, get outta that job! what a disaster. the girl fussing w/ ur hair is a bit much and kinda weird. maybe she just loves your locks... ;)

weird though.

so what about typos... were there any?? i didn't even notice.

working and going to school is highly stressful. i did it for the entire time i was in school and it killed me at times. it took me forever and i don't remember half the stuff. too much cramming on my part.. but what to do when you're working for acctg firms w/ tons of overtime!