Wednesday, October 10, 2007

So Hooked!!!

I am hooked with Grey's Anatomy. I love the show, LOVE it....The new spin off I dislike...maybe it will grow on me, it better not, I don't have the time.

For ramadan, I watched Shaheen and Al 5arraz online but school got in the way...oh well, they weren’t that gr8 anyway… The first week of Qatheyat ra2y 3am, pissed me off so much I disconnected my ART and so no longer get Arabic programming on my cable...Why do I do these things, wouldn't have been easier to just turn the tv off??!

I really enjoy Law and Order SVU. I am at class when new episodes air, but I like watching reruns while studying. Just turn the tv low and solve hw assignments! Makes good background noise...

Mmm what else do I love? Yes, I LOVE Brothers and Sisters. I am absolutely hooked on that. Some parts of it, I can live without but overall a very nice show about family. I also enjoy Desperate Housewives, it hilarious! You must think I am a TV addict. I barely watch TV really. The only shows I must watch are Grey's and Brothers & Sisters. Grey's I watch online. So two hours a week, that isn't bad is it?

Actually 3 hrs if you count my latest fix: What Not to Wear, the US version...I swear when I am out shopping I hear Stacy London and Clinton Kelly in my head telling me what to look for and what to avoid!! That show though, I watch it as I am doing something else: studying mostly. I can't wait to see what happens on Grey's...This Merideth is pissing me off, what is wrong with her… who wouldn’t want to be with McDreamy??? And why is McSteamy human?? I have a feeling he will hook up with Callie.. And why is George cheating?? He is supposed to be decent and why is Izzy sleeping with her friends??? So many questions….I really like Callie and hate all the crap she’s getting…You would think she is huge but she is a size US 10 (UK14). And no, I don’t consider that big.

what are your favs??


Eyad the Great said...

Entourage, the greatest show to me at least, I love it, its point less but entertaining, highly recommend it.

House. M.D, very good show, but gets on your nerves sometimes, I don't recommend watching more than 3-4 episodes in one day, you will fall sick!!

Hero's, season 2 just started and it looks very promising.

Prison Break, season three just started and I'm already hooked.

Weeds, this is just great,it has it it and its so damn funny.

I liked scrubs when it was still on, but i think its history now.

My all time favorite, and the show that I would actually cry if it was discontinued it BBC's top gear, its the best thing on TV, the series, the specials and everything.

OK I need to stop here, this can go on all day.

Gardens of Sand said...

Ay yay I really should take the time to proofread my posts! I don't have the time though...

Eyad, I hate House! Absolutely, positively hate it. He just grates on my nerves.

Weeds, I used to get showtime but never had the inclination to watch it..must be the name!

I heard Heroes is very good. I should watch it...

Thanks for stopping by!

Um Naief said...

girl, you are killing me w/ all these titles!!!!! i am in soooo much need of good tv watching... i also used to be an addict. hi, my name is um naief and i'm an addict! ;)

i've been totally hooked on hero's. we rented the dvd's and we've been watching for a couple of weeks now. just finished the last disk and i'm seriously bummed.

i have to laugh at myself... but still.. i only want more!!!