Thursday, May 31, 2007

When Corruption Runs Rampant, and the Masses are Silenced...

When corruption runs rampant, the masses are silenced and transparency is nonexistent, anything can and does happen. They say pictures speak louder then words. My fellow bloggers, I leave you with this image.


BB said...

Maybe he doesn't need to work from the office? Maybe he gives the Minister an out-of-office service?

Alwasat needs to name some names. What is it with this self-censorship. At least we can be grateful for some semblance of a taste of 'shy' investigative journalism

Evil Odd said...

You know. What if this was an error on the payroll department's behalf?

The government doesn't seem to employ anyone to do internal auditing for them, so these things just slip by unnoticed.

I've seen cases like these in bigger and more 'reputable' companies. It happens.

The question is, will they ask for the money back?