Thursday, May 24, 2007

Is Syria to Blame?

Reading Soul Search's Beirut Burning Again made me wonder at our state and that of our beloved countries. But it also raised an important question; who is responsible for Lebanon's latest bout of violence (the refugee camp)?

When asked, many people will say Syria. After all, any Lebanese will tell you of the Syrian army's shinanigans in Lebanon. However, Syria seems too easy a conclusion. I can't believe that the Syrian government would be that stupid. Not when it is already a target. A more likely scenario (and yes here comes the consipiracy theory) is that Syria is being set-up by groups sharing common interests. It is also a little too convenient or should I say inconvenient. All the violence breaking out right before the tourist season so that once again Lebanon's economy suffers and old grudges rehashed.

The Bush adminsitration are itching to silence Iran and Syria. Iran is getting too powerful in the region and must be taken out of the equation. Syria is a little fish but must serve as a lesson. The Bush administration admitted to conducting a cold war against Iran (and who knows maybe even Syria) which entailed supporting Afghani terrorists carrying attacks in Iran, negative and false publicity in American and Iranian newspapers, spies, stealing national secrets etc... What is happening in Lebanon validates Bush's assertion: ME needs US presence, Iran and Syria need to be taken out. US is the beacon of freedom...

Israel is definitely benefiting from this fiasco by sending out a clear message to the world thru biased media coverage:''look at these Palestinian terrorists, they kill their own people, we can't live with them. Our poor soldiers suffer too, we are all in this together, the wall is a good idea, the check points too." To the non-Arab/Muslim person, Israel and Lebanon are both victimized by the Palestinian terrorists.

Let's not forget the members of the Lebanese government who have been calling for disarmament of Hizballah. I have seen an interview of a high ranking official on Arabic and Western media and boy do the ppl in charge sing different tunes. It was obvious whose interests they cater to (ex. Siniora). That is not to say that they are behind this, just that they are benefiting greatly from it and milking it for all its worth.. What about Saad Al Harriri who rose to power riding his dad's corpse. In his case we are given a prime example of how political roles in our part of the world are inherited and not earned. Saad Al Hariri's benefited more from his father's death and Syria is the one most disadvantaged.

Also let's not forget the other Arab corrupt governments with their agendas and interests.

So who is responsible and who is to blame? The Lebanese people are partly responsible. Sectarianism is tearing them apart and unity is so fragile. The Arabs are also to blame, for standing idly by. But who is the head hancho of all this mess? The question is one that we will always speculate about and I don't think we will ever receive a definitive answer for.

Who are the victims? The average Lebanese is the victim, the one whose liveliood is now suffering and whose life is in danger. The Palestinians who are further victimized by being cast in the terrorist role while the world is oblivious to their plight and misery. And of course the Arabs and Muslims who now realize that there really isn't any functioning democracy among them.

And of course, with the pondering of the first question, others tumble out of pandora's box: When did Syria become the enemy? When, how and why did we become each other's enemies and are we turning on ourselves? Why are we idle while the world is watching us slowly implode?

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