Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Cartoons Reach Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

So, here I am visiting a friend on Friday, when the tired old question came up: Did you see the cartoons? I did not have to ask what cartoons she meant, by now, all of us about THE CARTOONS. So I said yeah and changed the subject. After all, what could I do? So then I come to know through another friend that the Sun News, Myrtle Beach's most circulated (and pathetically boring) newspaper has published the Danish cartoons.

Ok, I was extremely bothered when the Danish newspapers published the offensive cartoons, but now I am past bothered. Infuriated, and surprised. Why on earth would a newspaper in Myrtle Beach publish the cartoons. Here, Muslims are referred to as Mozzlems or the Nation of Izzlam folks. People here don't even know where or even what Denmark is, yet the newspaper thought it fit to publish the cartoons.

Whom do these cartoons address in this little southern town, where most would not even know who the Prophet is, and what do they hope to inspire?

These cartoons and the violent reactions they caused around the world only serve to reaffirm the misconception that Muslims are terrorists to be feared, that I (being normal and peaceful) am the exception to the malignant and dangerous rule. I will continue to get the locks of shock and masked fear when people realize that I am not Hispanic but an Arab and worse, a Muslim.

So what should I do? This time, it hits to close to home for me to be comfortable.

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