Tuesday, January 31, 2006

So Whacko Jacko is at it AGAIN!

So Michael Jackson has left Neverland to settle for the time present in Bahrain. With big talks of building a mosque, embracing Islam, contributing his efforts and expertise, being a entertainment consultant, MJ seems to have found life in Bahrain quite hassle-free (no one suing him....yet!) and enjoyable. Some might even say he is planting his roots. I wonder how long it will take him to get the citizenship?? Now I am veering off the topic, I will save this thought to another post. Seems too, he has added cross-dressing to the mix.

Quick information, the average Bahraini may not know about the infamous Michael Jackson:
-Michael Jackson was first accused of child sexual abuse in 1993 by the son of MJ's former dentist. A year later, the MJ settled out of court paying the accuser at least US $23 million. The case was dropped. In 2003, child molestation charges were brought against MJ by Gavin Arvizo who appeared with MJ in the documentary 'Living with Michael Jackson' and a civil suit was brought against him. Also, a criminal case was launched but MJ was acquitted of all 10 charges. However, two jury persons asserted that they believed MJ was guilty of the crime but did not have enough evidence to charge him. In 2006, allegations of sexual assualt were brought on MJ. His vet is suing him (or planning to) for having treated MJ's exotic animals at NeverLand yet never receiving payments. There is alot of speculation of MJ being in financial trouble as he still owes alot of ppl alot of money.

-In 'Living with Michael Jackson' a documentary by Martin Bashir, MJ appeared with a 12 year old boy (later his accuser), holding hands and the boy resting on MJ's shoulder. They both said that they slept on the same bed (platonically) and MJ asserted that he has shared his bed many a times with pre-adolescent boys who need plenty of love and affection. It also showed MJ speaking of being Peter Pan, never growing old. There was also talk of how the parents of the boys stayed in a different building than that which housed MJ's bedroom, while the boys hung out unsupervised with MJ. In response to the show, MJ accused Bashir of distoring MJ's words and images. MJ said a lot of weird stuff in that interview about his likes and dislikes, his family. Very dysfunctional to say the least.

Ppl seem to have mixed feelings about MJ's stay in Bahrain. Some are enthralled with the King of Pop being in their piece of the world, estatic to get a pic of him on their camera phone. Others are disgruntled, ready to rally and who knows, maybe even start a riot. But isn't freedom what we are vying for in Bahrain? So why not allow MJ to be free, without hassling him. Let him talk the big talk (I am convinced this is all it is). Bahrain certainly does not need any favors or mosques from MJ, but if he wishes to do so, well, let him. Let him cross dress if he wishes, he is the one looking like a fool. (which brings in another thought for a later post: what effect does MJ's public cross dressing have on Bahrain's Muslim society?).

So why did I post the above info? Just an FYI to all that may read it. All his antics are just that: antics. In a way, he provides a comical relief in a much tense environment. He is an adult and should be free to do whatever crazy thing that comes to mind, as long as no one is harmed in the process. That's why, keep your kids, esp. boys away from Whacko Jacko and let it be known to him and others in our society, that child molestors and pedophilia will not be tolerated.

PS: It irks me that he is the only reason ppl here in the US know of my Bahrain!

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