Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Happy New Year!

Wishing the entire world a happy 1427! For those who do not know what this date signifies, Jan 31, 2006 marks the Hijri (Islamic) New Year.

I can't help but wonder if we Muslims celebrated our new year with the same enthusiasim as we did the gregorian calendar new year ( Jan 1, 2006)? Did we come up new year resolutions for this new hijri year? Did we wish anyone a happy and blessed new year? Did we celebrate or acknowledge this day in any way?

For me, I knew this day was coming.. I even marked it on my calendar so I can remember it. You see, this is not Bahrain and here in the USA, I did not have the day off from work/school to remind me of it. How did people in the Muslim countries celebrate (I am guessing most slept!).

So what did I do? Well I ate at a Mexican restaurant during my lunch break to celebrate the coming of my new year (not very holy I know). I am guilty of not doing anything special. But to my defense, I stayed home and watched TV on the other (more popular) new year.

It would be nice if we could celebrate the hijri new year with something fun and exciting that everyone, especially kids can look forward to. Oh well, me thinks its just me wishful thinking.

I knew of a lady that hosted a huge dinner party (clean and fun) to mark the occasion. Would that I be more like her.

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