Thursday, March 27, 2008

Post-Midnight, Pre-Dawn Ramblings

Warning! This thread is a post-midnight, pre-dawn rambling. I am NOT a morning person, and the hour being dawn and all, I can’t guarantee that this thread would make any sense!

So I am sitting here wide awake when it is 3:53 am. Why can’t I sleep? Because I slept all day! No I din’t plan on sleeping the day away, I am lazy but not that lazy! I had a million and one things to do but unfortunately I woke up with a wicked migraine. I knew it was brought on by my sinuses. I felt them throb all night. It is the weirdest feeling like a heart beat but behind your nose. Throb, throb, throb. I should’ve known that the pitter patter of my sinus spelt trouble. Your sinuses are supposed to throb dummy, only your heart.
So I end up taking an antihistamine to calm down my sinuses, a nasal decongestant and a migraine medicine. Well, next thing I know, not only are my sinuses throbbing, my head pounding and am getting drowsy from the antihistamine, but I also got nauseous from the stupid migraine pills that were prescribed to me in Bahrain.

After taking an anti-nausea medicine I give in to the drowsiness and fall asleep. Even after a couple of hours of sleep, I was still drowsy and lethargic all day. Until bedtime of course.
Being awake with absolutely nothing on TV I got to thinking about the number of pills I take everyday.

After watching Dr. Oz I thought I better listen to his advice and get myself some Vitamin D pills. I don’t spend much time in the sun and over 60% of people tested are Vitamin D deficient. So I got me some Vitamin Ds.

Watching another episode of him on Oprah convinced me that I need me some Omega 3 and Omega 6 pills. I don’t eat much seafood nor do I eat my Flax seed cereal (sounds yum I know) cereal regularly. (Flax seed in Arabic is bethrat al kattan). So after giving my mum grief about popping Omega 3 pills (so and so told her it’s good for the brain), I now take two Omega 3 and 6 pills everyday.

I’ve always takes a multivitamin pill but after realizing how my eating habits are not optimal I got myself Vitamin C pills. I just don’t eat as much fruit as I would like.

I also take allergy pills daily thanks to all the trees and vegetation. Per my Dr. I have to take the pill daily to avoid my allergies developing into bronchitis. Great!!

So tallying everything up got me thinking that I am nuts. Normally, I take 6 pills daily. Folks I’m only adding up the vitamins and allergy pills. Now that I am sick, I take an additional 2. I’ve been told to take echinacea pill or tea and some lysine to boost the immune system. Never took them but have some in stock in case I fall desparately ill and need to help my immune system.

Plus all the doctors advicing people to take metamucil because we don't eat enough fiber (alyaf). You can take the pills (a whopping 6 pills a day) or dissolve the powder in a cup of water for a tang-like flavor. I prefer the latter.

Seriously, seriously!! America is one pill-popping society and they are dragging me to the dark side.

Researching all the things I take took a lot of time. It was also very informative. I guess I will keep taking the various vitamins, at least until I can improve my eating habits. The allergy medicine is something that I just have to live with. All the research made me tired! Nothing like honest work, huh! This has turned into an informative babble!!


SoulSearch said...

You know GoS, I hate taking pills, and I'm glad. I hate overloading my system with pills. I prefer to take herbal remedies and I think they are more reliable than pharmaceutical drugs...
Vitamin suppliments are fine but you have to be really careful what you take in...
Get well soon sweetie...
Hope you are always in good health.
Love you and miss you loads,
your cuzzy'

Gardens of Sand said...

SS, thanks dear. Love ya right back and miss you more!

Reeshiez said...

I'm in Columbus, OH right now. My fiancee is actually a Palestinian-american who's family lives in northern virginia. So I come to northern virginia a lot! I worked there too for a year. We are planning to do one wedding in DC in the summer and another in Bahrain. Will definately let you know when I'm in the area.

Bedouin Girl said...

I feel your pain about allergies! I hate them....and I get migraines too. Neither are much fun. But I don't mind taking my vitamins. Every day (or when I remember!) I take a multivitamin, B-12 supplement and omega 3 and 6. I love your blog!

Gardens of Sand said...

Thanks for stopping by Bedouin girl! I hate allergies. You know I never heard of allerigies when I was in Bahrain. With the pollution there you'd think people would go crazy with allergies! Food allergies esp are unheard off. My poor nephew is allergic to pine nuts and sesame seeds. How that came about is still a mystery!