Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cocoa-Bean Frankie Roxy

I miss Cocoa-Bean Frankie Roxy. So much. I wonder if she remembers me. Probably not. She is happy that she is with her mummy and daddy. And her name is Lily, not Cocoa-Bean Frankie Roxy. Besides what kind of name is that for a dog. A small dog at that. I am glad her owners found her but a part of me wishes she still was with me. I found her outside a shop in West Virginia while visiting friends. She was scared and shivering with the saddest eyes. I went in the shop and when I came out she was gone. I found her in the middle of a street with cars whizzing by. She was terrified and crying, following two girls home. The girls did not know Lily, so I wound up taking her with me. I looked her up and she is a Dachshund. How can something so ugly be so cute? I couldn't pick one name so I chose 3; Cocoa-Bean because of her color, Frankie because she was shaped like a frankfurter (hotdog), Roxy because I was so stressed about what to do with her that I dreamt about her and in the dream her name was Roxy!

She latched on to me. She would follow me wherever I went. At night, she cried when I din’t let her in my bedroom. She was so sweet, licking my hands, sitting on my lap. Matching every step of mine with a step of hers. She would only sleep on my lap. We called the animal shelter, a radio show and the vet to see if someone reported her missing. I knew the best thing would be to leave her at my friends’ place in case her owners called. I can’t have pets in my apartment. Who would take care of her when I travel. And who would keep her company while I’m in college? She cried when I left. An hour after I left, I called them and told them to not to take her to the pound, that I wanted her. I asked them to keep her til I could come get her if her owners did not call. The called me back and told me her owners called and that the dog’s name is Lily. She danced when she heard her name. I am glad her family found her. She was so happy to see her owners. I din’t expect to get so attached to her but I miss her terribly. The funny thing is that I don’t even like dogs.


SoulSearch said...

My kids were begging me for a cat, but I couldn't live in a house with a pet. I just can't stand the idea. Sorry. They are cute and all but I just can't do it. They would just have to do with toys!
I sound terrible I know, but i can't, honest.

Gardens of Sand said...

Ooooh I loved my pet cat. I was older than Amoona. For the life of me I can't figure out why mum agreed to let us have the cat. Do you remember her? She was with us when we lived in the Sanabis flat. She used to wake us up every morning by getting under our blankies and nestling her head in our neck by our face. Mum was terrified of her!

Seriously though, pets are a huge responsibility, that is what stressed me out so much!