Monday, January 28, 2008

Whose Fault is it Anyway?

Through the years, the people who have visited or lived in Bahrain all shared a similar experience; they were all surprised and pleased by the Bahraini people's tolerance, down to earthness, kindness and generosity. Despite the varying experiences of foreigners and expats in my country, some negative & many positive, one thing the folks I came across stressed: the Bahraini people's goodness.

Bahrain among its Gulf counterparts has always presented the real easts meets west pot, where foriegners and locals all were part of one society. At least that is how it seemed to me. This is now all changing. With the recent wave, no FLOOD, of illegal immigration Bahrainis are becoming less and less tolerant. Racial slurs are printed in the press and celebrated. The patriotic thing it seems is to berate and belitte the naturalized. Uncivilized, uncouth and unworthy are some of the names they have been called.

Emails containing pictures of naturalized citizens' passports are forwarded. A song of an Indian singing Bahraini ana (I am Bahraini) came out mocking those that came adrift the naturalization flood. The author of an article (see below) that I received in yet another forward showed disdain that a Bahraini would be called Daniel/Danielle, wondering if such a name is native or Arab or the name of a prophet.... Ironically, our sectarian rife society unites in discriminating against the new citizens! FYI, Daniel is a prophet in the Torah and Old Testament. Tsk tsk author, do better research next time, it might increasing your credibility.

I have to wonder at all the discriminatory remarks going around. Is this the new low that Bahrainis are stooping to? Is it that these new citizens are the low wall that we can vent our frustrations on? Who would forgo what they would view as a better life for themselves and their kin, what could be their only way out?

Whose fault is it anyways? Shouldn't the mockery and blame be directed towards those who put this policy in effect?

I can't help but think of how all these reactions towards the newly naturalized only serves to further divide our polarized socity. Let's face it folks, naturalized or local, we are all in this mess together. Let us stop slinging mud.

Here is what sparked this rant: (I did not list the author's name, as I got this in a fwd and did not see the original piece)

آشوف طالت وشمخت ... يا مجنسالذي يحصل في بلادنا البحرين .. في هذه الأيام .. من قبل المجنسين الصحراويين .. شيء لا يمكن السكوت عنه أبداً أبداً أبدا , ولا يرضي أي بحريني ( بغض النظر عن إتجاهاته الطائفية أو ميوله السياسية والإجتماعية ) لا من قريب ولا من بعيد ..فهؤلاء المجنسون الصحراويون أصبحوا خطراً خطيراً علينا وعلى أرواحنا وعلى أهلنا وأولادنا حاضراً ومستقبلاً .. وأصبح التصدي لهم يستلزم منا التكاتف جميعاً ضدهم .. وجميعاً تعني جميع البحرينيين الشرفاء من سنة وشيعة بلا أحقاد دفينة ولا عداوات معلنة أو مخفية , واليوم هو يوم الإتحاد مع بعض ووضع الأيادي بعضها مع بعض والوقوف صفاً واحداً للدفاع عن هذا الوطن وأبناءه ضد هؤلاء الذين جائوا كي يفسدوا في أرضنا ويعيثوا فساداً في وطننا ويهددوا أمننا وأمن أهلنا وأولادنا ..هؤلاء المجنسون الصحراويون الذين يتجمعون مع بعض على شكل فرق تخريبية وترهيبية تضم الأعداد الكبيرة من المراهقين والشباب والكبار , والمتسلحين بالسكانين وألواح الخشب الكبيرة المغروس فيها الكثير من المسامير الكبيرة الحجم .. هؤلاء ( الرعاع ) أصبحوا يتواجدون في أماكن كثيرة من البحرين ويمكن لأي شخص أن يرى قطيعهم في الرفاع الغربي والرفاع الشرقي وجو وعسكر والمحرق والبديع وأماكن أخرى كثيرة .. والمشكلة هي أنهم يتحرشون بكل بحريني يقترب منهم أو هم يقتربون منه تعمداً , والذي سبق وأن حصل في مناطق عديدة من البحرين وآخرها في مدينة المحرق .. من هجوم على البحرينيين الآمنين وضربهم بالسكاكين والألواح الخشبية والمسامير وتعريض حياتهم وحياة أسرهم للخطر .. ما حصل هو فقط القليل جداً مما سوف يحصل مستقبلاً من قبل هؤلاء إن يجدوا من يقف في طريقهم ويثبتهم عند حدودهم ويعلمهم أصول الإحترام للبلد التي إحتضنتهم .. فأما الإحترام وأما المغادرة .وهؤلاء المجنسون الصحراويون الذين أصبحوا يسيطرون على موقع منتديات مملكة البحرين ويدخلون إليه بأسماء مستعارة .. مثل أسد تكريت ودانيال نعمة الله .. ويسبون ويلعنون كل بحريني وكل مواطن صالح لبلده وأهله , هؤلاء هم الذين يحتاجون إلى من يقوم بتأديبهم وتأديب أهلهم أولاً لأنهم هم الذين يتسببون في إشعال الفتن بين الشعب البحريني الواحد , وهم الذين يحرضون إخوانهم من بنوا جنسهم ( الصحراوي ) لأعمال التخريب وإشعال الفتنة .. نحن اليوم في البحرين .. نريد أن ننسى إختلافاتنا في وجهات النظر جانباً , ونعتبر أن تلك الإختلافات في وجهات النظر لا يجب أن أن تصل بنا إلى الخلافات حول تأكيد من وجهة نظره هي الصائبة .. نريد أن نثبت المثل الذي يقول أنا وأخى ضد إبن عمي , ولكن أنا وإبن عمي على الغريب .. والغريب هنا هم حملة الأسماء الغريبة في مجتمعنا الخليجي المعروف بأسماءه وبأنسابه .. الغريب هنا هو شريفط ومريفط وتويسان .. الغريب هنا هو دانيال نعمة الله .. دانيال ؟ هل هذا إسم شخص بحريني ؟ هل هي بنت أم ولد ؟ وعندما تسأله عن إسمه يقول هذا إسم نبي من أنبياء الله .. هل سمعتم بإسم النبي دانيال ؟ أستغفر الله العلي العظيم ..لنتحد جميعنا .. سنة وشيعة .. ضد هؤلاء المجنسين الصحراويين قبل فوات الأوان ..
How about we unite not againt the blameless but against the corrupt policy that drowned the country with this flood? How about putting the not-to-be-mentioned report back on the discussion table and investigating its accusations? How about holding those responsible for unleashing the gates responsible? Naaaah, that would be too logical, let's just continue beating on the scapegoat. It won't change a thing but a few ppl might feel better.


ammaro said...

well, the bahraini's have always been nice, kind and tolerant. then the foreigners came, and worked alongside them. the bahrainis were still nice, kind and tolerant.

then the regulations allowed more and more foreigners to come in, thus leaving less jobs for the bahrainis, but they stayed nice, kind and tolerant.

then the foreigners started getting the bad jobs, the good jobs, the passports, the government houses, and so on. the bahrainis kept trying to be nice, kind and tolerant.

then the bahrainis started finding themselves in problems, and blamed it on the foreigners. mistakenly, may i add, because these are just people coming here to look for a better life. they overlooked the rules and regulations that allowed other people to come in and replace them, and reward them better. slowly, the bahraini's stopped being nice, kind and tolerant

Rasha said...

Excellent post! My thoughts exactly!
I just came across your blog and I love what you have to say on many things. By the way, I went to undergrad in virginia also. Had no idea there were any bahrainis there! I am now in law school in Ohio.

Gardens of Sand said...

Ammaro, I usually tell folks that in our home country, Bahrainis are second-rate citizens. Foreigners (white collar jobs) usually just pay for their food. Growing up, my friend's father and my Uncle worked in the same place. My Uncle had a better degree and just as much experience. My friend's father (European) made at least twice as much as my Uncle and even had his petrol and laundry bills reimbursed. Can you imagine demanding that or getting it in the US? Having said that, I don't harbor any resentment towards my friend's father, who would turn down such a good deal?

Gardens of Sand said...

Rasha, thanks for stopping by. Love your blog by the way. I love cookbooks and receipes. I am glad you feel the same way about what is going on. This mass emails and new bout of racism shocks me, how ok everyone is with it. What is it about us that keeps pointing the blame at others rather than admitting the fault lies within?