Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Yummy Post

Since I cannot travel as much as I would like, I am trying the next best thing: eating my way around the world! Lol (My fellow reader, are you one of the lucky ones that had to sit through my whining and groaning about my unfortunate weight gain and how NOTHING fits? Now you know why!!!) So here are the cuisines I tried along with my opinion of them:

-Saudi: Yes it can be very different from Bahraini food, surprise, surprise! I was stunned and my hosts horrified (??) when I discovered that.
-Egyptian: My favorite would have to be the mole5eya although we make it the Lebanese way!
-Levant countries: I enjoy nearly all of the food. All time favorite would be the Tabouleh and ma2ane2.
-Jordanian: LOVE the ma2loobee and the mansaf. Need I say more??
-Turkish: I love everything they make. The yoghurt meatball soup is simply awesome.
-Sri Lankan: Yes it is very different from Indian and yes it is absolutely great! My favorite would be the mutton curry, the potato stir-fry with the curry leaves and the coconut salad. YUMMO
-Indian: Very very good. I like the red meats better than the chicken and for me that's unusual. The biryani and goat curry are tasty.
-Mexican: Absolutely love the whole fish, for some reason it is always called the mojarra, does that mean fish by any chance? No matter where I am, I have to lift up my sleeves and dig in. No forks for me, thank you very much!
-Spanish: Much to my surprise and yes I was stereotyping, very different from Mexican. It is nice, love Spanish seafood and of course the paella.
-Brazilian: love their red meats and seafood.
-Japanese: I hate sushi and am not a big fan of Japanese.
-Thai: mm I generally hate peanut sauce and/or oil, so I am not a big fan of it.
-Chinese: love the fake, not so wild about the authentic.
-Puerto Rican: Absolutely awesome, a certain dish they have resembles the saloona only with green olives!
-Columbian: Din't taste much but what I ate was also good. What struck me and again with stereotypes was how different it was from Mexican.
-American food: what can I say; there is the horrendous, the ugly, the bad and the good! What surprised me (now it doesn't) is the tendency to verge on gaminess (zaffer).
-Malay food: Oh boy, where do I start? Actually I won't get into it in this post.

So what cuisines have you tried? What would you recommend?


SoulSearch said...

Hey GOS. Can you please put me down as a fan of fake Thai food. Mexican food is good too. and oh, don't forget the Indian-Arab food that we make in Bahrain, like the Biryani and the curry saloona.
But topping all that mount of food is of course Lebanese food!!!
Nothing comes close to the mashweeyat, the mutabal, the tabouleh, not forgetting the sensual sweets like Kunafa, basboosa, etc, etc, need I say more???


Gardens of Sand said...

Hehhee, I need to try fake Thai food. I bet I'd like it! And yes the Indian-Arab food is simply delightful.

And SS did you have to talk about masheweeyat and Kunafa when I am 7000+ miles away??? Shaheeteeney !! :P

Evil Odd said...

Hmm. I've tried Ethiopian. It's the closest thing I've had to Bahraini actually.

And I'm sure you've had Iranian before? Forgot to mention it?...Uh, chelo kebabs are to kill for..

Gardens of Sand said...

Oh yeah, I did forget Persian food. I simply love it!!! Funny that you say that Ethiopian food is closest to Bahraini, a friend of mine has a hilarious story about Ethiopian food and the waitress serving it!

Evil Odd said...

Please - do tell the story!

I went to Yum Cha today - had the following:

Chicken Feet
Cow Stomach
and Whitebait (tiny fried fish)..

Chicken Feet was quite yummy once you got over the fact that you were eating a hand-shaped thing. The other two, uh, not so good. But still gave it a go.

Have you heard of a Lebanese dish called "Kibbeh Nayyeh" before? The raw mince meat with mint + spices? Really good!!

Gardens of Sand said...

Kibbeh Nayyeh hmmm, yes I have heard of it but could never get over the nayyeh part of the name to try it! Not with mad cow and what not going around!!

Whitebait, I have tried before and loved it!! Cow's feet aaaah it would take some guts to try that.

A turkish friend of my makes this absolutely delicious (or so I have heard) soup using cow's tummy and intestines. My other friend tried it and loved it, but got sick once he found out what it was! :)