Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Globe Trotter

I love to travel. Seeing new people and experiencing different places is something I find very exciting and satisfying. I am a citizen of the world and as such I want to immerse myself in as much of it as I can. Don't get me wrong, I like nothing more than just chilling at home after a hard work week. I am baytooteya as some say! Unfortunately, time, location and monetary constraints stop me from being the globe trotter I know I am at heart. Currently my travels are limited to seeing more of the United States as I can only get away on weekends. Eight states down, 42 more to go! I started writing down all places I would like to see.

Here are places I would love to visit:
Arab world:
Morocco, Kuwait and UAE (yup I must be the only 5aleeji not to go to there), Oman (I heard it has beautiful sceneries), Lebanon and Palestine.

Americas: Toronto, Oregon (I'm curious to see what folks do there!), Argentine, Brazil and Peru, maybe Chile. Mexico too!

Europe: France, Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria and Russia.

Asia: China, India, Indonesia and Malaysia. Australasia: Sydney, Canberra and New Zealand.
Last but not least Africa: Kenya and South Africa. Hey I told you I want to see the world!

What place in Allah's earth did you fall in love with? Where would you go and keep going to if you could? For me, I love Turkey: the scenery, the people, and the food. San Francisco and Northern California were simply breathtaking. California can actually be serene lol! Charleston, South Carolina. What are yours?

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