Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Since Israel started its heinous attack on Ghaza, 1033 Palestinians are killed, 322 children & 100 women, and 4850 injured.

The world lives on while the lives of 1033 came to an abrupt end, cut short by rockets, chemical weapons and Israel's rage.

People plan their weddings, children's birthdays, shkeer camping trips while 1033 Palestinians lay dead.

Girls and boys party, dance, celebrate while families mourn the loss of 1033 Palestinians.

People hope, dream, and strive to make those dreams come true while 1033 Palestinians will never see their dream of a peaceful life materialize.

1033 sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, fathers, and sisters, gone, stolen from the warmth of their families while the world goes on living.

While the world watches, horrors are perpetuated, reasoned, and endorsed. The reactions or lack there of amaze and anger me. The justifications unnerve and sadden me.

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